Moin, little brother

How awesome, I have a blog! Obviously I need to use this platform to immediately gush about my little brother. You see, “little brother” doesn’t really cover it anymore. From the little angel with long blonde locks he has transformed into a giant (though he hasn’t quite grown equal to his even huger feet) with girls falling for him from all sides. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even listen to him anymore, because I can’t follow when every sentence drops the name of another lady who can’t help but be friends with him. There I am then, his lady sister playing on the sidelines every time I visit. We are close, Tim and I. After all we spent ten years of our lives in a tiny bedroom you couldn’t take a step in, because Playmobil occupied the little remaining space next to our bunk bed. Still, when I am home and suggest we bake, take photos, go shopping, watch a movie, play a game, do anything together he is already scheduled to do one or all of these things with one or all of his girlfriends.

Now finally, after 8 months of me living in Lüneburg, my brother took the trip up north and it was glorious. We spent six days together and did about everything we usually don’t find time for or didn’t even know we wanted to do. Like taking on a 40km bike tour in the pouring rain with never ending hills, playfully racing horses, and sleepy farming villages. (More photos below.)




When visiting Hamburg, and eating so much Sushi we could roll each other out of the restaurant, I got to profit from my brother’s experience with his many girl friends. He is the best shopper alive. At those times you have to drag other men around the store receiving heartless “yeah, it’s nice” when presenting clothes, my brother will make sure you empty your wallet right there, right then. Not only is he encouraging you to try on whatever you like, but also picks things himself and won’t take no for an answer till you have tried them on. Then he will wait patiently for you to throw on fifty items of clothing, luckily at Monki there is no limit in the dressing rooms, and hunt down other sizes for you because he is convinced you will look so much better in a small – and is absolutely right. When Tim says: You NEED to buy this – well, then you NEED to buy it. That’s just it.
I can proudly say though, that I was able to convince him of a pair of shoes I completely fell in love with and guided him to make the right jacket buying choice. Unfortunately though, my brother is a much better dressing room model than I am.

DSC_0030 IMG_1329

A visit to the flea market was no stop to miss in our little trip and as I had predicted my brother became as infatuated as me. Days later he told literally everyone, including people neither of us REALLY know, how I bought a beautiful jumper for 50 cents!! And this, this awesome Cardigan they gave away for 2 Euros! Crazy right? You mustn’t miss this treasure hold at Flohschanze (underground stop Feldstraße) happening every Saturday till 4pm. It’s truly amazing and you will find anything there plus you will most likely stumble upon a plentitude of happy, forthcoming people. About three of them stopped me to compliment my shoes and two older ladies attempted to make me try on every piece of absurd clothing at one stall. We thought they wanted to sell that stuff, but actually they simply felt the need to suggest outfits for the next four to five weeks.

Apart from this we used our day in Hamburg to see the Alster, take an Elbe ferry boat ride, eat delicious food and scar Tim for life in one of Reeperbahn’s many sex shops. Sorry, bro.



We met up with one of Tim’s uni friends who is from Hamburg and let him help us devour some delicious dim sum (and carry our clothes…).



Beside these highlights we just took it slow, invited many of my friends for dinner and beer, board games and a private screening of the Anchorman and saved Lego Middle Earth on Wii. It was a good time and I have to say, I miss my little, tall, currently festivaling brother.


To next time,


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