Cambodia 2.0

Chantrea’s plans had us head to the temples of Angkor for our first day. His brother Michara took us in his Tuk tuk and actually walked in a few of the temples with us, although he could not explain all too many things. That was fine. We did all the temples on the small cirquit including Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. I have written about this before, so this time there is room for Tim’s impression: beautiful, gigantic and captivating.


It was brutally hot yesterday, and sweat was running down our faces at a constant pace, but rain didn’t make an appearance once. Today Chantrea took us up to Kulen mountain, where we visited a few holy grounds before diving head first into the pool under a waterfall. It was a blast. Whenever we found a stone to stand on, little fish began eating the skin off our feet and legs – a fish massage for free! We spent quite a while there before visiting another temple, this one broken down because of American bombs and overgrown by moss, and a spot by the river from where all the stones for the Angkor temples were transported down to there current locations.

 To finish the day Chantrea took us to see his family. His father is a lovely man who waved us over excitedly when we arrived and his niece is a shy but cute little girl. The weather was pretty moderate today, but despite the lower temperature, less exposure and more sun screen we sill both managed to burn quite well.


Now all that’s left to do is relax and feast on all the foods we gathered at the night market.
Half our stay in Siemreab is already over and long bus rides back to Thailand appear on the horizon. We try not to waste too many days in travel time, but it is still unclear if we will be able to catch a good connection down south – if not another night in Bangkok awaits.

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