Twigs and Buds and Blossoms

What a metaphorical title! At the moment I am absolutely loving my (well, my dad’s) 60mm Nikon lens. I have been carrying it with me to most places and usually leaving my zoom lens at home, which I did regret in a few cases, but love in most. One of these occasions was a trip to the park in Düsseldorf and while this is a photography post why don’t you meet my friend Emelie at the same time.

Flower crowns have become a sort of obsession of mine in the past months. It started during my vacation in France, where, for the first time, instead of pinching holes into the stalks and weaving the flowers through them, I actually braided them for the first time. Since then anytime I sit on a lawn with flowers near me, I begin braiding them. It just so happened that that day in Düsseldorf, Emelie and I sat down amidst flowers and it just so happens Emelie’s head is the perfect bed for them. (It says everything that mine died while we where photographing.)



We’ve come a long way from long distance friendship to super close friendship to radio silence to acquaintanceship – you name it. How can it really matter though, when a flower crown rests so gorgeously on someone else’s bangs? To be short and not to be sentimental: it was a good day. One on which you could even forgive the man suspiciously inspecting your belongings a few meters away. Or the yellow pollen notoriously clinging to your black tights after having laid in yellow buttercups. Or the fact that the flower crown designated for the birthday boy fell apart. Or that the Creme Brulée ice cream was never going to be eaten but discarded as pudding after a fridge black out.

All in all it was a perfect day to spend with Emelie. Just calm enough, honest, silly, experimental and colorful enough for my camera to see some action again. Apart from some focusing difficulties on my part with a bubbly constantly moving subject, I like the shots. And Emelie, even with wisdom teeth just out, looks beautiful.



Oh, and there’s me, not so much loved by the camera when its lens has to stare at me. Or maybe I don’t love the camera so much when its lens is staring at me.




At least I am not the only one around looking a bit goofy 😉




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