Sheets of paper, sheets of linen. Sheets of comfort, calm, of passion, of fear. Who are you, why are you here? When have you grown? This is my home. Leave the sheets. Stay in the creases. I dont care for your despair. I am not the one who pleases. I belong here, make you see. […]

Obscured Vision

Snow is beautiful, they say. It is, I say, when you are sheltered. Not so much when you unsuspectingly leave your class room and are ambushed by its snow soldiers. Within minutes they have covered the ground. They are everywhere. You can barely hold your eyes open against their chaos. You fight your way through […]


I could have been somebody, you know? A world famous ballerina. I could lift my leg up high above my head, touch the ceiling in our small cellar where I headed when I wanted to escape the hot air. I opened the front door with my foot everyday, toes pointed. I stretched, my ankles pressing […]