Of surfboards and honey.

There are times when I’m really on top of life. Not that I have everything together, just that I’m happy, content, satisfied with where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m surrounded by and most importantly, me. Like I’m harnessing the power of life, it’s a rush but it’s also peace. It’s like I’m riding […]

The Princess and the Magikarp

Once upon a time in a fantastic realm, there lived a Princess. Her world was inhabited by creatures called Pokémon and the Princess played with them as if they were her friends. However, there was something missing in her life – from early on she had been told that every Princess needed a Prince, and […]

Thinking Eva

Sometimes I get ideas and usually they range from moderately crazy to impossible from the get-go. When you have an idea like that, no matter which kind, because it comes to you while riding your bike or desperately trying to sleep, you need to do everything in your might to make it possible. So when […]


Monochrome photographs are nothing new to the world. They are used often for portraits, wedding pictures, baby pictures, and of course on other accounts. It makes photographs more simple, smoother, shifts the focus. Oftentimes it makes people look more beautiful, it erases blotches and colours to the effect of an all around smoother skin. It […]


Traveling might be my favorite thing to do, and it is for many people. The reasons for it are numerous: the sights, the tastes, the adventure, the variety, the personal growth and the people you meet – those unshowered, harem pants hippie back packers who are determined to give you the time of your life. […]

Love Yourself

It’s the year 2016, and I am not going to get very poetic about what that means, although there are quite a few cool movies coming out this year. No, the interesting thing about 2016 is that it’s three years away from 2013. Between those years a lot of change has taken place in my […]

Twigs and Buds and Blossoms

What a metaphorical title! At the moment I am absolutely loving my (well, my dad’s) 60mm Nikon lens. I have been carrying it with me to most places and usually leaving my zoom lens at home, which I did regret in a few cases, but love in most. One of these occasions was a trip […]

Magic in a Weekend

Storms and grey skies dominated the past weeks until suddenly summer broke free with a brooding heat. Even those days which were supposed to be low in temperature uncaged legs and arms, empowering them to be shown. Actually forcing them to be shown as it turned their appendant bodies into sweaty radiators as soon as […]

Moin, little brother

How awesome, I have a blog! Obviously I need to use this platform to immediately gush about my little brother. You see, “little brother” doesn’t really cover it anymore. From the little angel with long blonde locks he has transformed into a giant (though he hasn’t quite grown equal to his even huger feet) with girls […]