16.000km and 365 days

  “When people ask me whether you’re my boyfriend, I can’t say yes, because that would be a lie, but when I say no, it doesn’t feel like I’m telling the truth either.” – me, May 5th 2016   Are anniversaries a big deal to you? They’re a big deal to me right now. Yesterday marked Tod’s […]

16.000km full circle

It’s been roughly a year since I asked Tod whether he would like to travel with me. It’s been roughly a year since we began talking everyday. It’s been roughly a year since we started counting down the eight months we had to wait until we could meet again. I’m thinking about this now, in […]

16.000km and the Ninja Mission

A month in Australia flew by in no time. Although the ten days I secretly spent in Perth seemed to drag on forever due to my excitement and anxiety about meeting my boyfriend for the first time in 2,5 years, even those came and went quicker than I would have liked. I spent time there […]

16.000km and Then

In the beginning of our eight month countdown my, at the time not yet, boyfriend and I created a “list for then”. It holds all the things which at some point we thought we would like to do together when we were geographically close to each other. We kept sending it back and forth with […]

The Princess and the Magikarp

Once upon a time in a fantastic realm, there lived a Princess. Her world was inhabited by creatures called Pokémon and the Princess played with them as if they were her friends. However, there was something missing in her life – from early on she had been told that every Princess needed a Prince, and […]

16.000 km is mildly problematic

When people hear ‘our’ story they sometimes spin a fairytale out of it. “You’ve only met for one day and are together now? That’s unreal!” “I can’t believe you got to know each other through letters – that’s so romantic.” “He’s liked you all that time? It sounds like a true love story.” They tell […]

16.000 km is not a distance

“Each time we say “IRL,” “face-to-face,” or “in person” to mean connection without screens, we frame what is “real” or who is a person in terms of their geographic proximity rather than other aspects of closeness — variables like attention, empathy, affect, erotics, all of which can be experienced at a distance. We should not […]