Twigs and Buds and Blossoms

What a metaphorical title! At the moment I am absolutely loving my (well, my dad’s) 60mm Nikon lens. I have been carrying it with me to most places and usually leaving my zoom lens at home, which I did regret in a few cases, but love in most. One of these occasions was a trip […]

Food, glorious food.

At the moment I am in a total food crave. Why? Well, it is very possible I would sit on my bed browsing mouth watering Indian recipes either way, but I am currently on a diet. It’s a little to now carb and no sugar diet and it fluctuates between making me feel amazing and close […]

Colour in my mind.

It’s hot, so hot I spent all day half naked at the lake shore, occasionally taking a dip in the muddy water. I come home, order pizza, grab a beer and ponder about which party to visit later – today is party day, everywhere. While ordering pizza I saw an email in my Mail program. […]