Even though early in the week, today seems to be a travel day. The regional train to Cologne is not only packed, it is stuffed with suitcases so a normally equipped person would have trouble passing the small ally between the seats. For me, heaving a backpack broader than me, a suitcase and my guitar, […]

Colour in my mind.

It’s hot, so hot I spent all day half naked at the lake shore, occasionally taking a dip in the muddy water. I come home, order pizza, grab a beer and ponder about which party to visit later – today is party day, everywhere. While ordering pizza I saw an email in my Mail program. […]

Lost your way here?

Well, no prob, let me try and fill you in on where you are. This is my blog on life of a student and life in general, on photography and travel and I probably am as confused as you are. Why am I writing this blog? Because I am a spoilt student with too much […]