Of surfboards and honey.

There are times when I’m really on top of life. Not that I have everything together, just that I’m happy, content, satisfied with where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m surrounded by and most importantly, me. Like I’m harnessing the power of life, it’s a rush but it’s also peace. It’s like I’m riding […]

Fall Break-ing with Plans

Fall Break, when you have a really cool plan, it collapses entirely and then things turn out to be amazing all on their own. At least that’s how it went for me; damn the plans! Originally I was going to go to Santa Fe with my old high school friend Jake after spending a few […]

Block 2 – Adventures Gallore

My second block – Cultural Perpectives in Dance – was all about adventure and friendship. That sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. The class itself was both theoretical and practical: we read texts on dances from different cultures and how definitions such as “ethnic” or “world” dance are used. One of my favourite – on […]

MacGregor Ranch

Life is busy, but before I make time to write about the everyday life at CC, I want to share my first proper camping experience with you. Five days in a six person tent, no showers, only a pit toilet, community work and late night four legged visitors. Except for the animals, it’s all part […]

Welcome to CC!

It’s been a week since I arrived at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, for my semester abroad. It feels like I have been here much longer. Not because I already know my way so well in the place, but because there has been so much happening that it easily could have filled twice […]

16.000km and 365 days

  “When people ask me whether you’re my boyfriend, I can’t say yes, because that would be a lie, but when I say no, it doesn’t feel like I’m telling the truth either.” – me, May 5th 2016   Are anniversaries a big deal to you? They’re a big deal to me right now. Yesterday marked Tod’s […]