Magic in a Weekend

Storms and grey skies dominated the past weeks until suddenly summer broke free with a brooding heat. Even those days which were supposed to be low in temperature uncaged legs and arms, empowering them to be shown. Actually forcing them to be shown as it turned their appendant bodies into sweaty radiators as soon as […]


I could have been somebody, you know? A world famous ballerina. I could lift my leg up high above my head, touch the ceiling in our small cellar where I headed when I wanted to escape the hot air. I opened the front door with my foot everyday, toes pointed. I stretched, my ankles pressing […]

Moin, little brother

How awesome, I have a blog! Obviously I need to use this platform to immediately gush about my little brother. You see, “little brother” doesn’t really cover it anymore. From the little angel with long blonde locks he has transformed into a giant (though he hasn’t quite grown equal to┬áhis even huger feet) with girls […]