Arrival time – 11:55am

At the moment I am waiting for my first Thai meal, so I have a bit of time to write down my adventures. I don’t want to talk about the flight so much because I will probably do a post on China Southern separately from this.
Back to food. The meal I got on the airplane last night was… alright. Since they did actually have one veggie meal left over, I was served pasta in tomato sauce, some salad and fruit. Around noon, however, I was served rice with fish and it was spicy as hell. How are you going to survive Thailand if you think this is hot? But then I remembered that Sandra traveled Thailand, too, and was just fine, despite her limit for spiciness being way lower than mine.

Once I cleared immigration and customs, which was a lot more pleasant than in China, I took the sky rail towards the city. At that point. I had no idea where I actually had to go. All I had for the clueless taxi driver was the address, and even when we were in the right area he had to ask others for help. I got out on the right road at least and entered a cafe for wifi access and more information. The friendly lady working there dropped what she was doing and walked me two blocks further, where Three of a kind is situated in a small alley.
The owner is super nice and Tu, another German guest who acts like he is Thai, seems pretty friendly, too. The other six of eight guests were out exploring as am I, but I think I will head back soon. I barely got any sleep on the plane and really had to pull myself together to not doze off in the taxi.

As far as first impressions go, Bangkok is a lot more structured than Cambodia’s big cities, but also a lot busier. From above it looks as though everything is organized in squares. A square of fields, a square of water, a square of square houses, a square of grass and trees, a square of factories, and so on. The cars navigating through it do crisscross and share a one at times, but they are not as reckless as Cambodian drivers.

My food is amazing. I ordered pad Thai with shrimp and a glass of watermelon juice. The drinks were priced the same as the food so I paid about 2,5€. I found exactly two pieces of shrimp in my meal but the price and general awesomeness of it made up for it, because while the shrimp were few, everything else was plenty. Egg, peanuts, scallion, noodles, tofu – the dish burst of taste and it was so fun that despite not having eaten all day I could not finish it. It’s evening now and technically I am still full from that pad Thai, but I still tasted some of Tu’s self made seafood carbonara. Delicious!

I don’t know what I will do tomorrow. I see things that are cool but then think to myself I should wait for Tim to tackle them. So far I also haven’t dared to take out my camera und shoot away. Seems like I need to push myself out of my comfort zone already, after all nobody can top traveling Asians anyway.

I’m excited for Tim to get here, because I am not a good traveler when by myself. But I can use the following five days to test myself a little and become a better single traveler. There are so many sights to be explored like multiple markets, the magnificent shopping malls, temples, the palace, the river (hopefully by boat), and as always I am definitely looking forward to chilling in some park somewhere and enjoy the fact, that it’s warm.

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