First impressions

I love Bangkok. Sure it’s hot and I am not doing so well with the food, but one of the hostel mates said I’ll get used to it. At the moment I am getting my nails done which is absolutely heavenly and gives me time to write.


The hostel I chose is perfect. The owners are kind, fun and helpful and the guests are awesome. I got to know most of them yesterday when we were planning to go to a concert. Two Kims, a Gerrit, Chinh, Xin Yi (I hope), Felix and I were not let in, however, because of the boys’ shorts. No problem, we are in Bangkok after all, so we share two Taxis to get to a club the German Kim suggested. Except we didn’t have our Ids with us. Long story short, four of us went in and after many failed tries to make it, Xin Yi, American Kim and I went to another bar. That was last night and everybody is just pretty cool.


During the day American Kim and I went to a huge weekend market that I would for sure have gotten lost in, but he seems to have a pretty good orientation. I am actually quite stunned at myself for not buying anything because you can get everything there! I was quite charmed by a pair of overalls and tiny food imitations (absolutely adorable), but I didn’t get those nor the things I actually needed – a small bag and a belt. A belt I am currently borrowing form Kim but I kick myself at every occasion for not getting a bag. The market didn’t only have clothes but decoration, art, food, toys and animals. We were extremely tempted to buy the cute hedgehog Peter. I would also have gone for a duckling or one of the tiny amazing puppies – heaps of Pomeranians, Tim! They had a bunch of squirrels on display well as bugs, fish, birds, all kinds of rodents and huge, I mean HUGE dogs that were sweating like crazy with their large amount of thick fur. Kim was pretty intrigued by turtles. I’m not sure if it’s because he really liked them or because he did research on them for uni, but some of them were quite scary looking to me.



After that we relaxed in a nearby park, and I have to admit I haven’t been photographing a lot. I will see if I take pictures today and upload them with those from the park. So another fun fact before we proceed to my nails, and I won’t be able to type anymore. Oh no! She’s taking off all the skin on my feet. I will involuntarily be working very hard at getting it back. Anyway, fun fact: The German Kim lives in Lüneburg, the same town I study in! What a crazy coincidence! He’ll be back around the same time as me, and we already agreed to meet up there. Before he will help me to finally get a cool cap, because I have been wanting one for a while and I think Ruben is sick of me “borrowing” his.


Today we will probably take a boat ride on the river and visit some temples before going out to a bit of a nicer restaurant in the area with the group. So yeah, despite feeling a bit unwell I am having a lot fun and am uber excited for my little bro to get here.


Oma, yes, I am drinking enough and taking care of myself. Mama, I don’t walk around by myself at night. No worries just heaps of fun.

Update: Most of the pictures were taken at the Wat Pho, a Temple we visited today.  My Israeli friend made sure I actually photograph.


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