Hot and Humid

Today I am pretty bummed out and not feeling so well. That started yesterday night when we were out to eat, and I didn’t even order anything. I went to a riverside roof top bar with the others which was amazing anyway and Emilia from Denmark and I took over the music shortly before closing time. The staff player Boogie Wonderland, Treasure and Born this way for us so we could bust some moves on the balcony. Having fun like that amidst the glittering lights of the busy city made me feel free and amazing. It made me feel the way Pocahontas always looks when she runs with the wind. Most of all it let me forget that I was feeling unwell.



That was pretty hard to forget this morning, when I still could not get a bite down. (Well I did get a bite down but it was a struggle.) German Kim is out to get some coconut water for me, because it’s supposed to be soothing and then I will try eating again. We had a good chat, and while my stomach is still uneasy, at least chatting with Kim distracted me from it and I don’t feel like I need to lay down. So I canceled my plans for today to get some rest and hope by tonight I will feel fit enough to escape to the night market with Emilia and German Kim. Then tomorrow my little bro will finally arrive !



Now to the photographs. They were taken yesterday when I went to the Golden Mountain with Italian Danny and Canadian Felix. The golden Mountain sounds pretty exciting but essentially it is just a high temple with a golden top. Still – It was so much fun! Daniel has the most infectuous smile and both of them were really into being photographed which made it a blast.





Dany is from Milan, so I am planning on seeing him when I visit Freya. He taught me a bunch of Italian, spoken and non spoken, and Kim and I have invited him to L√ľneburg for a bake off. Both Daniel, Felix and Chinh have left, but instead we got Emilia and Sam, I think, from Canada. It’s as German Kim says, who has been here for three weeks – everyday someone leaves and everyday someone arrives, and everyone can be sure to be greetd with a smile here.


DSC_0165.JPGCiao, amicos.

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