Sheets of paper, sheets of linen.
Sheets of comfort, calm, of passion, of fear.
Who are you, why are you here?
When have you grown? This is my home.
Leave the sheets. Stay in the creases.

I dont care for your despair.
I am not the one who pleases.
I belong here, make you see.
Oxygen. It is for me.
My flame ought –

And I lose a war I barely fought.
Succumb to the pull under the sheets.
Cave, wall, protecting me.
Im in the danger’s lair.
No room, no air. Am I fire, am I sea?
Without the fire am I me?

I need my help, I need my all.
Tumble, stumble, panic, fall.
Who holds who, where are you?
You have the maze, the sheets have me.
Who knew how similar they’d be.

Drip, drop – the fossett or my ocean.

I am sorry, I say.
Then I ask him to go away.


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