16.000 km is not a distance

“Each time we say “IRL,” “face-to-face,” or “in person” to mean connection without screens, we frame what is “real” or who is a person in terms of their geographic proximity rather than other aspects of closeness — variables like attention, empathy, affect, erotics, all of which can be experienced at a distance. We should not […]

Thinking Eva

Sometimes I get ideas and usually they range from moderately crazy to impossible from the get-go. When you have an idea like that, no matter which kind, because it comes to you while riding your bike or desperately trying to sleep, you need to do everything in your might to make it possible. So when […]


Monochrome photographs are nothing new to the world. They are used often for portraits, wedding pictures, baby pictures, and of course on other accounts. It makes photographs more simple, smoother, shifts the focus. Oftentimes it makes people look more beautiful, it erases blotches and colours to the effect of an all around smoother skin. It […]

Once Upon a Time… literally

… and figuratively as well. They both go hand in hand, and as one might guess it’s about the prose section on this blog. Originally I had not intended to include it for various reasons, but then again for various reasons, now I feel that I should. I used to write a lot when I was younger […]


Sheets of paper, sheets of linen. Sheets of comfort, calm, of passion, of fear. Who are you, why are you here? When have you grown? This is my home. Leave the sheets. Stay in the creases. I dont care for your despair. I am not the one who pleases. I belong here, make you see. […]


Traveling might be my favorite thing to do, and it is for many people. The reasons for it are numerous: the sights, the tastes, the adventure, the variety, the personal growth and the people you meet – those unshowered, harem pants hippie back packers who are determined to give you the time of your life. […]

Love Yourself

It’s the year 2016, and I am not going to get very poetic about what that means, although there are quite a few cool movies coming out this year. No, the interesting thing about 2016 is that it’s three years away from 2013. Between those years a lot of change has taken place in my […]

Obscured Vision

Snow is beautiful, they say. It is, I say, when you are sheltered. Not so much when you unsuspectingly leave your class room and are ambushed by its snow soldiers. Within minutes they have covered the ground. They are everywhere. You can barely hold your eyes open against their chaos. You fight your way through […]

Where have I been?

Photo Credit to Lena S. That is a good question indeed. It has been too long since I last visited this place. Honestly, after Thailand nothing felt worth sharing or writing about. It is silly to let the greatness of one event take away from the good of ordinary things. I shouldn’t have let that […]

Few more meters

Bangkok has got me back. Even though this means it’s the end of our trip, and even though we haven’t really been doing anything, I feel peaceful. Traveling has made me hungry for a longer trip, but the one thing I would miss would be starting and ending in the same place. It is nice […]